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1 Six assorted Steiff teddy bears together with a collection of modern teddy bears

Sold for £85
Lot: 1
2 A collection of Eagle comics from the 1960's, together with a Portsmouth and Southsea programme, Bradshaws British Railway Guides, The Pick of Punch and The News, A Weekly Paper dating from 1821

Sold for £42
Lot: 2
2A A collection of beer mats, a selection of games circa 1950s, a celluloid doll in a carrying case, a Viceroy stamp album etc

Sold for £40
3 A Dinky 504 Foden 14-Ton Tanker (boxed) together with a Dinky 571 Coles Mobile Crane (boxed) a collection of assorted Dinky army vehicles, toy soldiers, marbles etc

Sold for £180
Lot: 3
4 A Baird & Tatlock chemical balance No.1181 cased, together with a student microscope Lot: 4
5 A collection of Cigarette cards, books etc.

Sold for £22
Lot: 5
6 A set of thirteen volumes of Realistic Travels stereoscopic viewing cards, including "The Far East, The British Isles, British Industries, South Africa, Italy, Egypt, Switzerland, Norway, The Great War, India, Around the World, Palestine" in their faux book binding covers

Sold for £3000
Lot: 6
7 A collection of board games, card games, money box etc

Sold for £440
Lot: 7
8 An automaton, in the form of two bisque head dolls, one riding a horse, the other standing alongside on a wooden base, the heads moving when pulled along,

Sold for £420
Lot: 8
9 The Sovereign Stamp Album, containing World stamps, together with a collection of postcards, and three albums of cigarette cards, including Cavanders, Players, Gallahers etc

Sold for £80
Lot: 9
10 A Bing 'O' Gauge clockwork "Windsor Castle" 4-6-0 locomotive and tender RN4460, Bing trade mark and No.73 to reverse of tender, together with Hornby 'O' gauge rolling stock, track, cigarette card album and puzzle

Sold for £300
Lot: 10
11 A Britains Ltd model farmyard together with matching farm animals, Hornby railways locomotives, an Action Man scorpion tank by Palitoy, an Action Man boat, numerous Action Man outfits etc

Sold for £65
Lot: 11
12 No Lot details
12A A Collection of die cast farm toys etc details
13 A collection of stamps, loose and in albums

Sold for £60
Lot: 13
14 The Scout volume XVII, 1922, together with Blackie's Boys' annual, a Codec childs cash register, Mouse Trap game and Starsky and Hutch detective game Lot: 14
15 A large lot containing board games including Connect 4, Hocus Pocus Magic Show, Turbo, Scoop, together with Action Man items, Star Wars figures, Superted teddy bear and books, other teddy bears, fangs fortress, marbles, He Man toys, Thunderbirds etc

Sold for £90
16 A Metttoy Supertype, together with a tin plate cottage, tin plate cooker, Escalado game, Pastry set, jigsaw puzzles, Hornby Railways set, Lima railways set, toy cars Scalextric, etc

Sold for £50
Lot: 16
17 An assortment of Teddy bears, including, a rabbit, tiger cub, panda and dolls etc.

Sold for £40
Lot: 17
18 After Terence Cuneo
Deputy Marshal of Tombstone, Arizona (self portrait)

A print
58 x 74cms
Lot: 18
19 A horn gramophone, with a pressed brass horn on a square oak base Lot: 19
20 A Hornby Railways R.053 4-6-2 Princess Victoria locomotive and tender in green livery, (boxed), together with R.450 LMS 4-4-0 Class 2P Fowler Locomotive and tender in black livery (boxed), R.550 B.R. 2-10-0 locomotive and tender in black livery (boxed), R.863 Brush type 4 diesel electric locomotive (boxed), R.751 B.R. CO-C0 diesel electric locomotive (boxed) (5)

Sold for £95
Lot: 20
21 A Hornby Railways R.052 B.R. 0-6-0 tank locomotive (boxed) together with an R.757 0-6-0 tank locomotive (boxed), an 0-6-0 tank locomotive and tender (boxed), an R.550 B.R. 2-10-0 locomotive and tender in black livery (boxed), R.857 B.R. 2-6-0, Ivatt class 2 locomotive and tender (boxed), A diesel locomotive (boxed), R.759 4-6-0 Albert Hall locomotive and tender in green livery (boxed)

Sold for £120
Lot: 21
22 A Hornby Railways R.253 0-4-0 diesel dock shunter (boxed), together with an R.152 0-6-0 diesel shunting locomotive, (boxed), an R.455 0-4-0 industrial tank locomotive (boxed), other locomotives, carriages, etc.

Sold for £250
Lot: 22
23 A Hornby Railways R.615 "The Railway Children Set" together with R.765 The Lord Westwood 4-6-0 Locomotive and tender (boxed), R.258 L.M.S. 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth Locomotive and tender (boxed), R.859 B.R. 4-6-0 locomotive "Black Five" class locomotive and tender (boxed) and an R.550 B.R. 2-10-0 locomotive and tender (boxed)

Sold for £200
Lot: 23
24 A Triang Railways RS.7 electric model railway (boxed), together with RS.2 electric model railway with 4-6-2 The Princess Royal locomotive and tender, carriages and track (boxed)

Sold for £90
Lot: 24
25 A Triang Hornby R346C Stephenson's Rocket Train set (boxed) together with RS.1 electric model railway, including a 4-6-2 Princess Victoria locomotive tender, carriages and track

Sold for £95
Lot: 25
26 A Triang Hornby R.869S 4-6-2 Battle of Britain "Winston Churchill" locomotive and Tender (boxed), together with R.357 AIA-AIA diesel electric locomotive, and a quantity of locomotives some boxed, etc.

Sold for £340
Lot: 26
27 A Triang Clockwork Wild West train set, (boxed), together with a quantity of Triang Railways locomotives, etc

Sold for £380
Lot: 27
28 A Triang Hornby Model Electric Train Set, together with a model electric train, electric locomotive with Pantograph and three passenger coaches, assorted locomotives, mail coach set, station construction set, terminus set etc, mainly boxed

Sold for £360
Lot: 28
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