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1 A Lady's 9ct yellow gold wristwatch together with two 9 ct gold gate bracelets, three 9ct gold rings, a cameo brooch and simulated pearls

Sold for £400
2 A diamond cluster ring to a white metal claw setting and 9ct yellow gold shank, together with two other rings

Sold for £65
Lot: 2
3 A diamond set bracelet white metal claw set with yellow metal waves marked 9ct Lot: 3
3A A silver pocket watch, four other watches and two smaller Albert chains

Sold for £130
4 A diamond dress ring of crossover design set with baguette and brilliant cut stones to a white metal setting and yellow metal Shank marked 9ct.

Sold for £290
Lot: 4
5 A 9ct yellow gold Gentlemans Longines wristwatch on a bark effect strap

Sold for £190
Lot: 5
5A A 9ct yellow gold double Albert and a 9ct gold bracelet and a silver bracelet

Sold for £450
6 A diamond set panel rind set with baguette cut diamonds to an 18ct white gold setting and shank Lot: 6
7 A George III gold spade guinea dated 1792 with a ring mount, together with a Victorian crown 1845 and a commemorative coin

Sold for £220
Lot: 7
8 A Victorian gold Australian half sovereign from the Sydney Mint dated 1862

Sold for £120
Lot: 8
9 An 18ct yellow gold heart set with fifty two brilliant cut diamonds.

Sold for £360
Lot: 9
10 An Edward VII gold half sovereign dated 1902

Sold for £80
Lot: 10
10A An ivory necklace and assorted costume jewellery details
11 A George V gold sovereign dated 1915

Sold for £170
Lot: 11
12 An Edward VII gold half sovereign dated 1910

Sold for £80
Lot: 12
13 A 22ct yellow gold wedding band 9 grams

Sold for £170
Lot: 13
14 A 9ct open faced pocket watch, the circular enamel dial with Roman numerals and a seconds subsidiary dial inscribed Thos Russell & Son, Tempus Fugit, Liverpool together with a silver hinged bangle, silver vesta case, white metal fob watch, and other jewellery

Sold for £360
Lot: 14
15 A Lady's yellow gold wristwatch, together with a ladies 9ct gold Rotary wristwatch bar brooches, rings etc

Sold for £310
Lot: 15
16 A diamond and emerald dress ring, the central emerald of rectangular form surrounded by diamonds to an 18ct carat white gold setting and shank

Sold for £780
Lot: 16
17 A seed pearls and ruby brooch together with a silver ingot and costume jewellery including bead necklaces, brooches etc

Sold for £330
Lot: 17
18 A Paste set ring, white metal set to a yellow metal shank marked 18ct

Sold for £100
Lot: 18
19 An 18ct gold signet ring together with a 9ct gold signet ring, 9ct gold medallion, 9ct gold chains, etc

Sold for £520
Lot: 19
20 A pearl and marcasite set panel brooch of rectangular form marked 935.

Sold for £40
Lot: 20
21 A diamond dress ring set with baguette and pointed oval diamonds to a white metal claw setting and shank marked 18ct Lot: 21
22 A George V gold Sovereign dated 1911 set into a ring, together with a 9ct yellow gold wedding band another yellow metal wedding band and a yellow metal bracelet marked 15ct

Sold for £350
Lot: 22
23 A 9ct yellow gold bracelet set with a collection of 9ct yellow gold charms including a coracle, woodpecker, horse shoe, donkey etc 74grams

Sold for £540
Lot: 23
24 A Gentlemans Longines wristwatch with an enamel dial and gilt metal batons and date aperture on a leather strap together with a 9ct yellow gold Gentlemans wristwatch and three other wrist watches

Sold for £95
Lot: 24
25 An Edward VII gold sovereign dated 1908

Sold for £180
Lot: 25
26 A diamond and ruby crossover ring set to a white metal setting and shank marked PLAT.

Sold for £200
Lot: 26
27 A solitaire diamond ring, a garnet and diamond ring, locket and costume jewellery

Sold for £410
Lot: 27
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