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1 A double string of two hundred and twenty regular spherical pearls individually knotted on a 9ct yellow gold clasp of flower form set with a pearl

Sold for £800
Lot: 1
2 An 18ct yellow gold brooch of naturalistic form set with twelve sapphires approximately 13 grams together with a silver hinged bangle

Sold for £190
Lot: 2
3 A lady's white metal cocktail watch the circular dial with Arabic numerals inscribed Corona surrounded by circular old brilliant cut diamonds on a textured strap the back plate marked "All Platinum"

Sold for £250
Lot: 3
4 A Cartier yellow and white metal money clip, No.25444 (cased)

Sold for £230
Lot: 4
5 A Gentleman's Le Coultre wristwatch with Arabic numerals to a champagne dial and stainless steel case on a leather strap

Sold for £480
Lot: 5
6 A Gentleman's 9ct yellow gold Invicta wristwatch with Roman numerals and a seconds subsidiary dial to a silvered dial on a leather strap

Sold for £55
Lot: 6
7 A large shell cameo brooch depicting a maiden holding an arrow and a soldier embracing her, together with other cameos, wristwatches, bar brooches, costume jewellery etc

Sold for £500
Lot: 7
8 A sapphire and diamond ring, the central sapphire flanked by two brilliant cut diamonds to a white metal claw setting and 18ct shank, together with a 9ct band, a paste set ring and a three stone garnet ring

Sold for £100
Lot: 8
9 A 9ct yellow gold wedding band approximately 1.4 grams together with a silver band and assorted costume jewellery

Sold for £30
Lot: 9
10 A 9ct yellow gold charm bracelet set with numerous charms including a Romany caravan, bible, cow, bull, pot box, carousel, railway station, spinning wheel, longcase clock, donkey, stein etc approximately 130 grams Lot: 10
11 A 9ct yellow gold lady's wristwatch the silvered dial with batons marked "Marvin" on a three colour textured bark strap, together with a similar bracelet set with sapphires, total weight approximately 84 grams

Sold for £560
Lot: 11
12 An 18ct yellow gold brooch of scrolling form set with a diamond and five rubies, approximately 12 grams, marked 750

Sold for £200
Lot: 12
13 A 9ct yellow gold bracelet together with two yellow metal Albert chains, a 9ct yellow gold bar brooch of oval form, 9ct yellow gold padlock, cameo ring etc

Sold for £520
Lot: 13
14 A yellow metal keyless wound half hunter pocket watch with an enamel dial, Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial inscribed Waltham, USA

Sold for £48
Lot: 14
15 Assorted costume jewellery including a Pierre Cardin gentleman's wristwatch, other wristwatches, faux pearls, brooches, necklaces, stick pin, lighters etc

Sold for £90
Lot: 15
16 A three strand pearl necklace with graduated pearls to a marcasite clasp together with another pearl necklace, three dress rings, a cameo and a bracelet

Sold for £100
Lot: 16
17 A lady's Bueche-Girod wristwatch together with an Oriosa wristwatch, compact, silver toothpick and studs

Sold for £100
Lot: 17
18 A yellow metal long chain, a white metal fob watch, 9ct gold signet ring, cultured pearl necklace, faux pearls, bead necklaces, earrings, World War I propaganda iron cross, 1951 festival of Britain crown, and costume jewellery.

Sold for £480
Lot: 18
19 A yellow metal bar brooch with a central oval amethyst inset with a floral design surrounded by seed pearls, together with another bar brooch and a pendant

Sold for £80
Lot: 19
20 A silver fob watch with an enamel dial and Roman numerals together with another white metal fob watch and a white metal chain

Sold for £70
Lot: 20
21 A pearl necklace with sixty six regular pearls to a silver clasp together with a similar bracelet and costume jewellery including clip on earrings, bead necklace, amber necklace and bracelet, faux pearl necklace etc

Sold for £40
Lot: 21
22 An 18ct yellow gold signet ring, set with an old cut diamond together with an 18ct cameo set ring and another 18ct gold ring, total weight approximately 18 grams

Sold for £280
Lot: 22
23 A Mexican silver brooch of circular form with a central mask, and a repeating pattern, together with a wirework brooch, other silver brooches, pendants etc, overall weight approximately 130 grams

Sold for £75
Lot: 23
24 An Edwardian peridot and seed pearl pendant of scrolling form to a 9ct yellow gold setting together with a floral shaped turquoise and seed pearl pendant, a seed pearl brooch, three cameos and cased yellow metal studs

Sold for £150
Lot: 24
25 Assorted costume jewellery including an electroplated nurses belt, yellow metal bracelet, a Solvil et Titus lady's wristwatch, fob seal, necklaces, rings, earrings etc

Sold for £45
Lot: 25
26 Five 22ct yellow gold wedding bands, approximately 23 grams

Sold for £390
Lot: 26
27 A 9ct yellow gold gem set pendant and earrings set together with assorted 9ct yellow gold jewellery including necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets etc approximately 66 grams

Sold for £450
Lot: 27
28 A London made pocket barometer, the white enamel dial with blued steel pointer in a chrome plated case together with a venner time switch No 4555 type No.A.19 and three powder compacts

Sold for £150
Lot: 28
29 A diamond cluster ring the central pear shaped stone surrounded by old cut diamonds on a yellow metal setting and shank marked 18ct

Sold for £320
Lot: 29
30 A Suite of emerald and diamond jewellery, including a necklace, a tennis bracelet and a pair of drop earrings mounted in white metal

Sold for £350
Lot: 30
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