Vendor Commission

Our sellers commission is 17.5% (plus VAT).

No unsold fees.

Unsold items

Unsold lots will be re-offered for sale at the Auctioneer’s discretion, unless Anthemion Auctions has requested the vendor to collect the lot. Re-offered lots will usually be offered at half of the original auction estimates. Any unsold lots which are not suitable to be re-offered must be collected within 10 days of the auction or a fee of £5 per lot per day will be charged for storage. Unsold lots that are not collected after 14 days will be released to a charity of our choosing.


Internet illustrations will be supplied for each lot entered for sale, and are charged at £4.00 per lot. Catalogue illustrations (where applicable) are charged up to £10.00 for a black and white photograph, up to £20.00 for a colour photograph, or as otherwise agreed. Images may be displayed on our website and other websites and remain under the copyright of Anthemion Auctions at all times.

Withdrawal Fee

The fee for withdrawing items prior to the sale is 17.5% or £10.00 whichever is the greater of the lower auction estimate or reserve if higher. The vendor will also be liable to any other charges incurred in the processing of the lot.


Our haulage company can collect items for auction from anywhere in the British Isles. The charge for this is £50 per hour chargeable from the time they arrive at the property to the time they get back to the saleroom and unload.


All items are insured at no additional charge whilst on the premises, subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.