Celebrating fifteen years of auction diversity

This April Anthemion Auctions in Cardiff are celebrating fifteen years of running a thriving auction house in the Welsh Capital. In addition to busy monthly general sales, they are known for their quarterly Fine Art and Collectors Sales, which are internationally available online.

Anthemion are the only professionally qualified auctioneers with an auction house in the Welsh Capital; Auctioneer Ryan Beach is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors; having achieved a Fine Art Valuation Degree and Retail Jewellers Diploma and has over twenty years of auction experience. Asked about his time as a valuer, he commented “it never ceases to amaze me that even after fifteen years of running Anthemion, I can see something new or unique every week. Our weekly valuation days bring in a wonderful assortment of goods, from those that you see frequently, such as 19th century Welsh bibles and Royal Doulton figurines, to the truly sublime, such as the painting “Incoming tide” by Welsh artist Donald McIntyre, which sold in February for £5,300. In the same auction a magnificent 7ft tall bronze stag sold for £7,800. I feel very privileged to work with such a diverse variety of beautiful things.”

Over their years in Cardiff, some of Anthemion’s highlight sales have included a Rolex divers watch for £20,500, a Regency mahogany bookcase for £35,000, a Majolica tureen for £13,000 and a New Zealand Rugby Jersey from the Wales All Blacks game of 1905, which sold for £10,000.

The quarterly Fine Art auctions regularly appear on “Flog it”, courtesy of the BBC; one episode including a carved Tongan club which sold for £5,800.  The auctions have included items significant to Welsh local or military history; A World War II Distinguished conduct medal group sold for £8,500 and the auction house was also proud to handle the residual contents of the historic Stepney-Gulston Welsh family estate in Llandeilo, which realised over £50,000.

Monthly general auctions include antique and modern furniture, ceramics, paintings, clocks and more. Ideal hunting grounds for property developers or first time buyers, it is often possible to buy eclectic and antique furniture at auction for much less than at modern retail outlets. These sales can vary enormously from one auction to the next; with consignments originating from valuation days, house, commercial, or estate clearances, and clients coming from all walks of life. With the goods come the stories and the histories, and it is this in part that makes life in the auction house so unique.

Whether buying or selling, and at whatever value level, the interest in the auction market is consistently vibrant at Anthemion. The auctioneer and staff look forward to another fifteen years of the diverse people and goods that make up the auction world.