Once the auction catalogue goes live, the auction house becomes a hive of activity, as we make sure we are on top of all of the commission bids which come in, manage the condition report requests, get additional images because no matter how many angles The Photographer has photographed a lot from, inevitably someone will ask for something more because they can’t come see the lot for themselves, etc. And that’s on top of getting the saleroom set up, the lots labelled, everything cleaned and whatever else needs doing in the days after the Fine Sale catalogue goes live. One of the things I like to do is watch the lots, as we can see what are the most watched lots in the sales, and it almost always changes, on an daily if not hourly basis. Then, on sale day, I get to sit in the office and watch the sale online, in between calls and buyers asking to register, leave late bids, and people coming to pay for the lots they just bought. This usually means I miss a fair amount of the sale, so am always surprised when I get to see what things sold for. Sometimes it’s something that was on the most watched lots, often its not, but here’s a random selection of our (for me) surprising lots from the sale.