Our auctioneer, Ryan, can often be heard lamenting the fact that older furniture just does not sell as well as it used to. We get why, and the reasons are myriad from smaller houses, tastes have changed and it just isn’t fashionable (not necessarily the same thing, at least not in the auction world). And the shame of it is, it is beautiful furniture! Beautiful well made furniture that cost a small fortune when it was purchased, but isn’t as desirable now. Then, in just about every Fine Art Sale there’s that one piece of furniture that surprises & our sale on the 21st of July was no exception.

If you follow our Facebook page, you’ll have seen Ryan comment on a bench recently, in our leadup video to the auction (below for those who missed it). Well, that bench was just that “surprise” from the furniture section of the auction.

It’s a beautiful Regency mahogany hall bench, and achieved a hammer price significantly in excess of its estimates. Also in that sale was a very modern set of chairs, which doubled their estimate, proving that the debate of antique versus modern rages on!

Here’s a look at some of the best selling furniture lots from the sale: