Ever popular Groggs continue to sell well, see below for more information about Groggs

If you’re sitting there reading this and wondering “What’s a Grogg?”, well, you’re in for a treat! Groggs are caricature figures made by the World of Groggs. They are usually rugby players, but not always and can sometimes be completely unrelated to sports.

“Why Grogg?” you may ask? Grog is a type of clay which has been fired then ground up which is then added to clay before use, to add texture, help reduce shrinkage and aid in even drying. World of Groggs make a limited number of each Grogg they design, typically between 300-500 after which the mould is destroyed. Today the Groggs made at World of Groggs are made of resin, making the original clay Groggs all the more desirable to collectors. Below is are a few of the Groggs on offer in our 20th February Fine Art sale.

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