We get a lot of really interesting things in for auction here at Anthemion Auctions, and the most recent example of this is the series of Chinese celadon vases which were in our 28th April Fine Art Sale.

What is celadon ware?

The term ‘celadon ware’, also known as green ware, refers to a type of ceramic with a soft grey-green-coloured glaze. The effect is achieved through applying an iron-rich liquefied clay ‘slip’ to the ceramic before it is fired in a kiln. During the heating process, the iron oxidises to leave a delicate and lustrous green coating. The celadon glaze technique originated in China during the Shang (1600-1046 BC) and Zhou (1046-256 BC) dynasties, when potters began experimenting with glaze recipes.

Our 28th April Fine Art Sale at Anthemion Auctions featured 8 pieces of celadon ware, which caused a lot of excitement amongst our buyers. Condition report request, and requests for additional images flew in for the 8 lots, and we saw a massive surge in Chinese bidders on our online platform & we quickly reached our maximum number of telephone lines for more than one of these lots!

Lot 489 – A Chinese celadon vase of barrel shape, with mask and ring handles, with bead decoration, seal mark to the base, 16cm high Sold for £10,000.00
Lot 479 – A Chinese celadon bottle vase, decorated with leaves and flowerheads, 22cm high
Sold for £5,200.00
Lot 488 – A Chinese celadon twin handled vase, of squat bulbous form with twin handles, 9cm high
Sold for £4,500.00
Lot 478 – A Chinese celadon porcelain vase of squat inverted baluster form, decorated with flowerheads and leaves, four character mark to the base, 17.5cm high x 25cm diameter
Sold for £1,100.00
Lot 467 – A Chinese celadon vase, of inverted baluster form decorated with flower heads and leaves, 33cm high Sold for £820.00
Lot 466 – A Chinese celadon bowl, with pate sur pate decoration of butterflies and underglaze blue flowers and leaves, seal mark to the reverse, 29cm diameter
Sold for £520.00
Lot 469 – A Chinese celadon vase, with a flared neck and a twin handled baluster body on a spreading foot, six character mark to the base, 29.5cm high
Sold for £310.00
Lot 473 – A Chinese famille jaune porcelain pedestal bowl, of lobed circular form decorated with a yellow ground and an array of flowers and bats, the interior with a celadon glaze, seal mark to the base, 15.5cm diameter
Sold for £170.00