Our 28th April Fine Art Sale featured Chinese ceramics, works of art, Chinese silver, Chinese Jade and more. Not only did the vast majority of it sell well, a lot of it was really interesting to see. For me, one thing which really stood out didn’t sell for a fortune, but stood out to be because of its intricacy. Lot 695 in the sale was a Chinese hardwood hinged box and cover, which featured a carving of a dragon on the top, and intricate carvings of dragons on all four sides, but for me, what really stood out, was the inside of the lid. The skill that someone must have had to carve the outside of the box was obvious, but the inside of the lid was even better! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know anything about carving, but I just imagine it was carved by an old Chinese man who spent decades honing his skills or maybe it’s an apprentice’s piece he carved to show he had the skills necessary to move on from his teacher? Who knows, which is the case with most things that come into the auction house, sadly.

Anyway, I just wanted to share one of my little “finds” from our sale. Hope you like it too.

Beverley – Anthemion Auctions Admin