The Royal Worcester porcelain factory is the oldest, continuously operating, English porcelain factory still in production today.  Their impeccable craftsmanship and tailored design produces fine bone china collections of iconic British luxury tableware. 

The creation of beautiful porcelain items had being ongoing in Asia for centuries before and through trade the British public began to gain an interest in them.  Inspired by these exotic treasures, in the 18th century Dr John Wall, a physician and apothecary William Davis set upon finding a recipe, finding a process and finding their own materials to produce their own English version of these expensive luxury items.  The company brand was then established in 1751 and is known for its multiple distinctive decorative hand painted and printed patterns on porcelain objects.  

In 1914 Royal Worcester turned it’s focus from decorative dinnerware to public service. Following a request from the government Royal Worcester began to make hard porcelain for use in hospitals, laboratories and schools across the country and has continued since.

The 21st century sees the continuing prestige and popularity of Royal Worcester porcelain. The company continues to work closely with art and artists, and indeed this is part of the reason they are such highly prized and desired items. 2001 was the 250th anniversary of the Royal Worcester Porcelain company, and it was celebrated by continuing the company’s special relationship with the Royals.  

 Please find below a link to the Museum of Royal Worcester website which houses extensive archives on the subject should you have any further interest; 

Examples of Royal Worcester porcelain sold at Anthemion Auctions:





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