An icon of French glass making, Lalique is inextricably linked to the Art Nouveau era with its organic sensibilities and Art Deco’s stylised geometric elements.

The creator, René Lalique, studied design in London before returning to Paris to become an apprentice of leading art nouveau Jeweller and Goldsmith, Louis Aucou.  He designed and made many pieces of jewellery but is mostly known for his creations in glass art.

His techniques with glass gave rise to a style that was essentially expressed through the contrast between clear and frosted glass. He sometimes added a patina or enamel or used stained glass.

The Lalique museum opened its doors in Wingen-sur-Moder after two years of construction. The museum houses over 650 pieces by René Lalique and his successors. The building designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte contains a collection of jewellery, glass and modern-day crystal presented in a bright and luminous environment.

Please see below for examples of Lalique sold at Anthemion Auctions.


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