Donald McIntyre was born in Leeds in 1923 but spent his childhood in northwest Scotland in the small town of Garelochhead.  The surrounding dramatic landscape and a local group of artists that he encountered influenced him throughout his career, guiding him in developing a palette and painterly approach similar to that of the Scottish colourist tradition.  Painting mainly in acrylic, he created a large body of landscapes with a post-impressionist style showing the influence of these 20th century Scottish artists.

Above the harbour is such an example of an oil painting where he has used vivid colours and thick brushstrokes to give the impression of the scenes lively character and sold here at Anthemion Auctions for £7,800.00 in August 2017.

Donald McIntyre Above the harbour, Oil on board, Signed and label verso sold for £7,800.00 by Anthemion Auctions

Whilst always dreaming of becoming a painter in his youth, Donald McIntyre primarily trained as a dentist.  Fortunately, the Glasgow School of Art was opposite the dental hospital so he was able to study his passion at evening classes.  Until the age of 40, McIntyre practiced as a dentist, served in the army and worked in the education sector. Fortunately, then encouraged by the Howard Roberts Gallery in Cardiff, he left dentistry to pursue painting as a full-time career.

By this time he was living in North Wales, however, like the Scottish colourists, he spent many summers painting on the Scottish isle of Iona.  Smaller studies were often created in situ, with his larger works realised back in his studio using small sketches for reference.  These larger studio works still embodied the quality of works created en plein air giving them their lively character.  He had a lifelong love of the British Isles, particularly in Scotland and Wales, and always returned to the coastline for the subject matter of his paintings.  Animated, spontaneous but well considered, his paintings capture the life of his chosen coastal scenes using vibrant colours and masterly brushstrokes.

Mor Mawr is an example of one his many paintings of the Welsh coast.  His carefully chosen dark palette creates atmospheric drama, and it recently sold here at Anthemion Auctions for £1250.

Donald McIntyre, Mor Mawr, Oil on board sold for £1,250 by Anthemion Auctions

Donald McIntyre’s work is in the permanent collections of H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, Robert Fleming Holdings plc, The Williamson Art Gallery (Birkenhead), Newport Art Gallery, Merthyr Tydfil Art Gallery, The Welsh Arts Council, The National Library of Wales, The Welsh Contemporary Art Society, Anglesey and Gwynedd Education Authorities, University of Wales, Department of the Environment, British Steel, USA Embassy (London) and London University.

Here are some more examples of Donald McIntyre’s work which we have had the pleasure of selling here at Anthemion Auctions.

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