Art often has a way of dividing opinion, what one person loves, the next could hate. This is particularly the case with modern art, with examples like Tracey Emin’s 1998, My Bed and the recent Comedian by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, (which was a banana taped to a wall) springing to mind. Pieces like this tend to come with fairly eye-watering price tags, too.

At Anthemion Auctions we’re specialists in Fine Art, with Welsh art being a particular in-house favourite. We’ve sold works by Donald McIntyre, Jack Jones, Kyffin Williams, Ernest Zobole, Ceri Richards, Gwillym Prichard, Peter Prendergast, Will Roberts, Aneurin Jones amongst others.

We’ve been fortunate in that we were chosen to sell some particularly lovely paintings, like the below Head and Shoulders portrait of a lady, which sold for £6,800, and The head and shoulders portrait of Emperor Peter III, Great Prince Pytor Fyodorovich (which was a crowd favourite on the day of the sale!), which sold for £12,500.00!

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